Michigan Roundup for Sunday, Aug. 11, 2013

Michigan Roundup for Sunday, Aug. 11, 2013
Thirty-seven-year-old Brenda Sue Smith was arrested for parole violation in 2007. She went through severe alcohol withdrawal for three days but didn't get treatment until she lost conscious and died at a hospital. The Daily Telegram reports that the … Read more on The Morning Sun

Autopsy: Ex-QB died from pneumonia; paranoia may have worsened with
Finnerty's wife told investigators he had a past addiction to painkillers but had not taken any drugs since spending time in a rehabilitation centre more than a year earlier. Jennifer Finnerty said it was not the first time he had a "paranoid" episode … Read more on Edmonton Journal

Celebrating life
Not a care in the world; unattached; they are the center of their universe. The photographer and graphic designer have perfectly captured the narrative of the cover story. We meet Laura Scott. She is now 50, but at the age of 14, while washing dishes … Read more on Daily Caller

College football star who died in wilderness had brain disease: autopsy
A former college football star who disappeared in the Michigan wilderness during a fishing trip died of pneumonia caused by inhaling his vomit, after he became disoriented possibly because of painkillers combined with having a degenerative brain … Read more on New York Daily News