Meth Rehab, What Is a Good Rehab Facility That Does Not Cost Too Much?

Question by jamc2009: Meth rehab, what is a good rehab facility that does not cost too much?
My son has a meth addition, has had it for 7 years. I want to put him in a treatment center but I don’t know which one. I looked at Narconon but I am afraid of it. It sounds too harsh on an already abused body. Does anyone know it it works or can suggest another one.

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Answer by anne
I would talk to a counselor in your area. Is there a hospital in your area with a psych floor? If so you should definitely get in touch with the doctor in that department and find out his opinion, or even speak to one of the nurses on the floor about the issue. You could even call your local hospital and ask to be transfered to someone who might be able to help you with the matter. This is a very serious matter and as a nurse I just don’t think you should rely on an answer that someone gives you on yahoo, but to speak with a healthcare professional. If you would like for me to give you the number to a healthcare facility in my area that may be able to answer your questions, I can.

Answer by Geri H
theres someone at your local social services office that helps getting people into a treatment center and they will help finding your son the right center for him, also, they have all kinds of funding for drug tratment, so you can get him into a treatment center at no cost. i recently been through the same thing so i know theres alot of help out there offered good luck to you and your son

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