MERYL GRAVELL DRUGS AND ALCOHOL RECOVERY WALES & UNITED KINGDOM – Meryl Gravell Leader of Carmarthenshire County Council speaks at Chooselife’s 15 year Celebration event…… I am aware that there has been a lot said and written concerning the Chooselife 15 Year Celebration and the A&E protest that went alongside it. Firstly we at Chooselife do not hold any allegiance towards any political party and realise that for Chooselife to continue growing we need the support from all sides. So on the day, we knew that the genuine protest against the closure of Llanelli’s A&E had been infiltrated by people who had an anger and disdain for all that we stand for at Chooselife. (Believing in people that most others have given up on). In the build-up to the first Minister arriving, our staff and volunteers who were manning the car park were continually being verbally abused by a small minority of the protesters. My wife who had to walk through the crowd was verbally abused, druggie etc. A family member of an addict who receives support from Chooselife, had to suffer a torrent of abuse and was really upset and confused as she has done absolutely nothing wrong. Our guests, some drove through and some walked though received verbal abuse. Whilst all this going on, Meryl Gravell and other guest speakers were waiting in the Chooselife Centre for the First Minister to arrive. She was obviously upset and shaken at the stories of abuse that she kept hearing from those that had suffered the abuse. When Meryl Gravell made her infamous speech, you have to take


Sovereign Health of California's Outcomes Program

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Sovereign Health of California strives to provide their patients with the highest quality of care and the most effective drug, alcohol, and mental health treatment. As part of this mission, Sovereign Health of California has developed a new research …
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Higher alcohol taxes lower underage drinking

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An article posted November 21 on the website of the National Council on Alcohol and Drug Dependence, Inc. (NCADD) notes higher alcohol taxes discourage teens from drinking. "These taxes prevent and reduce drinking and death among young people, …


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