Mercy, Unbound


Mercy, Unbound – Mercy is a decently teenage girl who has a problem with eating disorder, only she thinks she doesn’t have one. She thinks she is becoming an angel. When her parents send her to an eating disorder hospital, she meets other girls who are just like her. But she’s scared, she isn’t like them, she is becoming an angel.


Secretive Food Concocting: New Characteristic of Binge Eating Identified

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The food concocting study surveyed 507 students from UAB and the University of Texas at El Paso enrolled in Psychology 101 classes, along with 45 clients seeking outpatient treatment for eating disorders in Cincinnati, Ohio. The sample included males …
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Strange Food Pairings May Signal Binge Eating: Study

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“The more secretive a patient is with aspects of an addiction or eating disorder, the worse off he or she will be because they will continue to engage in their secret, maladaptive behavior.” The study involved 507 male and female psychology students …


Illness changes Amanda's model lifestyle

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"A lot of my girlfriends I used to model with had health issues including eating disorders and it was awful to see that," Amanda said. "I wanted to do something to teach girls about self-love, confidence and wellness as well as use my knowledge in the …
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Drunkorexia: College Students Save Calories for Binge Drinking

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“I suspect this risky behavior is more common than people think,” says Dr. Varuna Aluvihare, a liver specialist at King's College Hospital in London, in UK's Mirror. “This kind of activity contributes to the fact that we see people with alcohol-related …
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