Mental Health Tips : How to Cope With Severe Depression

Mental Health Tips : How to Cope With Severe Depression
Severe depression can be coped with by first exploring what thoughts and fantasies you have about your life. Discover how to cope with severe depression with…



Inspired by TODAY's Dr. Nancy, woman finds birth mom through Facebook
She has since spoken to other members of her newfound family and learned more about the circumstances of her adoption, including that her mother had severe postpartum depression at the time. Boys, who herself is a mother of two, doesn't resent her … Read more on (blog)

Family,friends speak out following death of worker at Superior business
Quinn has suffered severe anxiety and depression since finding David and has been unable to return to work. "I see it through my head every day. I'm reliving it all the time," said Quinn. Like Clink's family, she would like to see the company shut down … Read more on Northland’s NewsCenter

Brain Stimulation May Treat Bulimia
After one 42-year-old woman received the electrical stimulation, called transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), as a treatment for her depression, and showed an unexpected recovery from her 20-year battle against bulimia nervosa, her doctors conducted … Read more on