Mental Health – a Community Issue

Mental health – a community issue
… it away or fix a department.” Medication, she said, had been her saviour for clinical depression. … and falling objects. “About 20 per cent of people show symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder and another 20 per cent suffer clinical levels … Read more on

We don't know if antidepressants work, so stop bashing them
First and foremost, let's get this straight: depression is not simply "being sad" or "feeling down". Clinical depression is a persistent, often debilitating disorder that leaves the sufferer feeling sad or hopeless for weeks or months on end. In its … Read more on The Guardian

Clinical depression rises at an alarming rate from beverages they drink
Evidence has been found that many people who are depressed actually crave that sweet taste and therefore drink more beverages that are high in sugar. This in turn increases that risk of clinical depression among other health problems. The risk is also … Read more on