Meditation Could Be the Best Way to Relieve Anxiety and Depression

Meditation could be the Best Way to Relieve Anxiety and Depression
According to a new report by researchers from the Johns Hopkins University, mediation might help people in relieving anxiety, depression and pain. People have been practicing meditation from past many centuries keeping in view that it can be used to … Read more on News Tonight Africa

Parents' behaviour linked to kids' anxiety, depression
Identifying parental factors linked to depression could help inform prevention efforts, she said. “There are a lot of factors that seem to be involved in the development of anxiety and depression that we can't change,” Ron Rapee said. Rapee is … Read more on Pakistan Observer

JAMA study says meditation has limited effect on anxiety
MEDITATION may help ease anxiety and depression in certain patients, and in some cases replace anti-depressant medications, a study has found. However, a review of scientific literature on mindfulness meditation published in the Journal of the American … Read more on The Australian