Medical Marijuana Helps Epileptic Seizures, Depression, and Anxiety


Medical Marijuana Helps Epileptic Seizures, Depression, and Anxiety – Transcription to follow: Hello, my name is John Heneska and I am a medical marijuana patient. I am 28 years old and have been a patient for about 12 years. I suffer from epilepsy as well as depression, and anxiety. I’ve been on several pharmaceutical pills anywhere from depocote to topomax to Dylan tin as well as several medications for my asthma. And for the last few years I have been a medical marijuana patient, and medical marijuana has helped me with my epilepsy quite a lot as well as my depression compared to the pharmaceutical medications. When I took pharmaceutical medications, the doctor kept increasing my dosage and switching me to different pills. A lot of the pills had side effects on me. Anywhere from causing me to have more seizures to black out, and anywhere from suffering concussions from taking medications. And the medical marijuana has helped prevent seizures. I have anywhere 1 to 4 seizures a month compared to on a daily basis. However, at times the medical marijuana does not always help with my epilepsy. And from there you have to try other things that do. Edibles, to a different form of the medication. But overall it has helped a lot. I still have a good stomach, I haven’t had stomach problems and my attacks have been less over the years. I’ve been hospitalized less for my seizures. But at times like I said, sometimes it really bothers me and I can’t do too much, and then there’s time that I smoke that joint and it really helps ease the pain.


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