Medical Complications of Eating Disorders


Medical Complications of Eating Disorders – Medical Complications of Eating Disorders in Children and Adolescents (Full Video) Dr. Pei-Yoong Lam, an Adolescent Medicine Physician in the Provincial Spec…


It Happened To Me: I Left Overeaters Anonymous
What happened to me is that instead of bringing me freedom, my abstinence became another manifestation of my eating disorder. I lived in fear of food. … I was grateful for the support, but I was also feeling conflicted about the program. I started to … Read more on xoJane (blog)

Another Store Takes A Stand Against Body-Image Disorders And Refuses to Use
Research shows that most teenage girls have unhealthy body images, a self-conception that can lead girls to develop eating disorders and other psychological problems like depression. In fact, a study by the Schools Health Education Unit revealed that … Read more on PolicyMic

Anorexia , Bulimia Linked to Disturbance in Brain Region
… system that regulates appetite in the brain, or whether eating behavior is driven by other phenomena, such as an obsessional preoccupation with body image,” said Walter Kaye, M.D., director of the UCSD Eating Disorders Treatment and Research … Read more on

Orthorexia becoming a popular eating disorder
Eating disorders have been on the rise. Anorexia nervosa is perhaps the best known of the eating disorders. Those who suffer with anorexia nervosa are so intent on being thin they can starve themselves to death. Bulimia is another disorder that is … Read more on Jackson Clarion Ledger