Measles – a Natural Cleansing Crisis

Measles – a Natural Cleansing Crisis
Reported serious adverse reactions following MMR vaccination include seizures, brain inflammation and encephalopathy; thrombocytopenia; joint, muscle and nerve pain; gastrointestinal disorders; measles like rash; conjunctivitis and other serious health … Read more on Guardian Express

Why more Nigerians will come down with kidney failure, by experts
The following may increase risk of this condition: blood or lymphatic system disorders; exposure to hydrocarbon solvents; history of cancer; and infections such as strep infections, viruses, heart infections, or abscesses. To address the situation, the … Read more on The Guardian Nigeria

Unhealthy relationships: Are you at risk?
After learning of her partner's infidelity, Bekah began to experience negative physical effects, including developing an eating disorder. She began to seriously assess her relationship and decided to let her partner know she was … While statistics … Read more on Boise State University The Arbiter Online

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