McGill EDP: Eating Disorders on Campus


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Alternative approach to treating mental illness offered at Bloomfield practice
The center treats an array of mental illnesses including Schizophrenia, bipolar, obsessive compulsive, eating disorders, depression, anxiety, insomnia, TIC disorder, ADD and autism spectrum disorder. Advance Biomedical Treatment Center has great … Read more on Foothills Media Group

Charge Rolf Harris or clear him
Given that it was billed as "the perfect treat for all the family", it certainly doesn't appear that he's viewed by police as any sort of ongoing safety risk. It's fair to say, however, … She claims she developed an eating disorder and even attempted … Read more on Herald Sun

Taste and Smell Disorders Are Devastating and Surprisingly Common
Eating is essential for our survival, and enjoyment of food and drink ensures this process is maintained. These senses also serve as a hazard warning system to help us avoid dangers such as gas leaks and spoiled … CP: The ear dominates the ear, nose … Read more on Slate Magazine