MAX PARKER: Depression: There Is Hope

MAX PARKER: Depression: There is hope
August 4, 2010 the S-T published my article discussing my own experience with manic-depression, nowadays usually called bipolar. I dislike the new term, manic-depressive aptly describes the disorder, bipolar sounds as though I swallowed a magnet. Read more on San Angelo Standard Times

Beauty and the beast of mania
It was, in 1935, the most expensive film ever made. The bullying, ruthlessly ambitious producer, David O Selznick, was addicted to uppers, "crushing up Benzedrine and licking the pieces from the palm of his hand, a grain at a time", according to … Read more on Irish Independent

Bipolar Comes Out of the Closet
Carrie displays the behavioral changes that are symptomatic for both the mania and depression of bipolar. During her full-blown manic episodes, we see Carrie talking very fast, her thoughts racing. She behaves impulsively, risking everything, even her job. Read more on Huffington Post

Jimi Hendrix Drum Cover – Manic Depression (A Mitch Mitchell Tribute By Jason Cruz)
As promised, a better sounding video and audio recording! Here’s my interpretation and tribute to one of my drumming heroes, Mitch Mitchell (R.I.P), and poss…