Married to Depression: Setting Healthy Boundaries


Married to Depression: Setting Healthy Boundaries – I didn’t realize that there was anything more I could do in my marriage with depression but, with the help of my counselor I am learning that I need to work …


Trinidad and Tobago Youth at Risk Project
According to primary data gathered by the Trinidad and Tobago At-Risk Youth Project, it is estimated that more than 50 percent of school youth involved in school crime and violence are in fact afflicted with health problems, such as depression … Read more on Trinidad News

Healthcare Professional: Mental Illness Not Statistically Linked to Violence
However, "when people can actually get connected to" proper treatment including medication, counseling, crisis intervention and life-long support, it works and recover is possible at a rate of 70 percent to 90 percent. Contrast that to the recovery … Read more on

Divided Belfast Laments 15 Years of Peace Bringing No Prosperity
A two-hour drive north from where the Group of Eight industrialized countries will have their annual meeting in June, the city's population of 280,000 remains divided and tit-for-tat violence among dissident groups has returned over the past two years … Read more on Bloomberg