Marijuana Withdrawal or Depression?

Question by Dirty Numb Angel Girl: Marijuana withdrawal or depression?
Hey all,
I have been feeling upset the whole of this week, confused and lost like I can’t cope with the world outside. I have been bursting into tears for no reason throughout the day and have been losing my temper a lot too. I have began to feel very anxious for example if I see two people laughing in the street I feel like they must be laughing at my expense or at me. I feel like I just want to be alone or sleep for months on end just so I don’t have to think anymore.
I’m not sure if this is because I have a history of bouts of depression or because I have been smoking marijuana heavily for the past 2 years and now have cut down a hell of a lot?
How can I know which one it is?

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Answer by Under Seige
As marijuana is not physically addictive, it is impossible to have physical withdrawal symptoms. Seems to me you self medicate with marijuana, and now that you have stopped using, these issues are rising to the surface with a vengeance. You should talk to a therapist.

@ Mark… LOL… a known depressant? To whom? Marijuana is a well known neural-stimulant, idiot.

Answer by Mark IX
You have a history of depression and smoke marijuana, a known depressant? That is so very, very stupid.

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