Many With Chronic Illnesses Have Depression Too

Many with chronic illnesses have depression too
The cost of treating a person with a chronic medical illness, such as heart disease or diabetes, jumps by around 50% if that person is also suffering from depression, doctors have warned. According to Dr Neelam Afzal and Dr Omer Shareef of the Kerry … Read more on Irish Health

Study finds low – dose ketamine effective for depression
Mayo Clinic researchers found low-dose intravenous infusions of ketamine, a general anesthetic used in minor surgeries, given over a long period are an effective treatment for depression. Their findings were published recently in the Journal of … Read more on St. Louis American

Depression Physically Changes Your Brain, Scientists Discover
In addition, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), a treatment for brain disorders such as depression, teaches patients to identify and change negative thoughts. It has been shown to alter neural pathways to support positive thinking patterns in … Read more on PolicyMic