Manic/bipolar Depression?

Question by pez388: Manic/bipolar depression?
I am stage 2(the worst stage to have) of Manic bipolar depression. I have been diagnosed with it for about two years now. I have to take flourexetine for it…which I dont think is working very well. But what I am on here for is I am getting worse and I used to have to see a psychiatrist with no prevail…so is there any website or anything that might help me in understanding what the hell is wrong with me! It would be great to have all this bull shit that goes on with me gone. Everyone views me as a fricken psychopath…and I cant help it…it was suggested that I go to an insane asylum by my psychiatrist but my friends who went says that they just over medicate you and that it sucks. Please I really need help any link or advice would be great.
sorry I put stage two depression I have the one where I have terrible manic depression episodes I always confuse stage1 and 2 all i can get straight is that its the worse stage to have in the illness. I hope that helps at all.

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Answer by waukeene
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Answer by Holly
You should contact your local mental health center and ask to be set up with a case manager. i worked as a case manager for children with mental illness for several years. they help you with getting info and can help with any referrals you needs and may be able to point out services that could be helpful to you that you didn’t know existed.

a support group may be helpful to you, it sounds like you could use someone to talk to and relate with. whatever you do, just don’t stop taking your meds, even when you feel better, that means they are working.
NIMH site has info…
check out this site:

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