Manic Depression – Seal and Jeff Beck


Manic Depression – Seal and Jeff Beck – Tribute.


Wanderlust: The Bipolar Adventurer
I'm happy when I'm traveling, but the anxiousness, the depression ensues as soon as I get back. Why can't I be happy here? I'm making a big step. … I was manic after a breakup, and I felt desperate to get out of town. I wanted to be someone else, be … Read more on (blog)

Putnam Incident Reports 3-21-13 ONLINE ONLY
According to Gunter's report, Hampton said the woman suffers from manic depression, has mood swings, is irritated easily and verbally confrontational. Hampton told Gunter that the woman drove away from her home after saying, “You can't keep me here.” … Read more on Eatonton Messenger