Manic Depression, Bipolar


Manic Depression, Bipolar – Manic Depression Bipolar Disorder When Tammi was a teenager, she began to had some form of mental health challenges. She went to coun…


TMS may bring remission in bipolar depression
Yet little work has been done on TMS for bipolar depression, even though a pressing need exists for new treatment options for this often highly disruptive mood disorder. Antidepressant medications are often ineffective or can trigger a switch to a … Read more on Clinical Psychiatry News Digital Network

The Superman Curse
Suffering from mood swings and depression, she began to experience manic episodes, culminating in a strange four-day “freakout” in California in 1996. Convinced that her ex-husband Thomas McGuane was trying to kill her, she chopped off her hair with a … Read more on Biography

Why Stephen Fry's Suicide Attempt Is a Lesson for Us All
I don't suffer bipolar and I do not have manic episodes, but the sort of inexplicable, overwhelming sadness that can sometimes lead to suicide is a very common occurrence for those suffering with a mental illness and depression. Understanding that … Read more on Huffington Post UK