Making Your 1st Therapy Appointment – Eating Disorder Video #4


Making your 1st therapy appointment – Eating Disorder Video #4 – Making your 1st therapy appointment – Eating Disorder Video #4 This video is about setting up your first appointment to see a therapist. I know that making that first appointment can be anxiety producing and very difficult. I also know that many people feel stigmatized by seeking help and I hope that by speaking candidly about therapy I can lessen the worry. It is my firmly held belief that all should seek out therapy, not just those suffering from eating disorders. Not ever having gone to see a therapist would be like driving a car and never taking it in for a tune up or an oil change. You can find a therapist by asking your friends and family, checking with your insurance, or asking your primary care physician. I also want to make it clear that just because you have set up the first appointment does not mean that if you do not like the therapist that you have to make another appointment. There are many studies that show the success of therapy is primarily based on the quality of the relationship between the therapist and the client, so make sure you do not settle for someone who does not feel comfortable to you. As always, it is my hope that by leveraging social media whether it is YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn can help me reach more people and spread the word about eating disorders and how destructive they can be to the people who suffer from them as well as those closest to them. TRANSCRIPT Hi it’s Kati again, and thank you so


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