Making Rape Victims Relive Trauma Through Exposure Therapy Works, Study Says

Making rape victims relive trauma through exposure therapy works, study says
Girls who got exposure therapy also had much better scores on measures of depression and daily functioning than girls who got conventional counseling. It's common to think that offering just comforting words and encouraging traumatized youngsters to … Read more on CBS News

Talking Point: Why are we all drinking so much?
Alcohol misuse is linked to a number of serious health problems, from cancer of the breast, mouth, throat, liver and stomach, to liver disease, high blood pressure and depression. According to Wendy Edmondson, Substance Abuse Nurse Manager for Locala … Read more on Huddersfield Examiner

5 studies you may have missed
Those tested 24 hours after the shock treatment showed a curious pattern: They could not remember the story they had been prompted to recall right before the electroconvulsive therapy. “I think it's interesting as a proof of concept, but I don't think … Read more on CNN (blog)

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