'Love Hormone' Released During Sex and Childbirth Could Cure Anorexia

'Love hormone' released during sex and childbirth could cure anorexia
Another study, published in the journal PLOS ONE, found that people with the eating disorder – which has been linked to a heightened perception of threat – were less likely to focus on facial expressions of disgust or anger after a dose of the hormone.
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Oxytocin the Love Hormone May Be Treatment for Anorexia
Treasure has expressed that anorexic patients see a realm of social difficulties in teenage years before anorexia takes hold. The key to unlocking the cure for anorexia is held within this social domain. The social complications can result in isolation …
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Love Hormone May Help Treat Anorexia: Study
In the first of two recent studies, 31 patients with anorexia and 33 people without the condition were placed on either oxytocin or a placebo. The researchers then told them to see the photos that showed food with high calories and different body shapes.
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