Looking for DEPRESSION THERAPY? Here’s DEPRESSION THERAPY Information for You!


Looking for DEPRESSION THERAPY? Here’s DEPRESSION THERAPY information for you! – www.JoshGuide.com Occupational Therapy & Depression Occupational therapy helps individuals perform daily tasks in order to live a healthier life. Depression can be a debilitating disease. While medications may work wonderfully for some, it’s important for the individual to recognize that he can also benefit from occupational therapy. Medication in conjunction with therapy may prove to more effectively treat a patient’s condition than either one by itself. Positive Roles The occupational therapy approach incorporates activities into one’s daily schedule that fulfill the various requirements of a role the individual would like to embody. There are many positive roles that the individual can work on–Mother, Father, Worker, Student, Family Member, Friend or Chess Player, for example. By giving himself a task such as “Call my son today to wish him well,” or “I will get out of bed today, even if only to brush my teeth,” the individual is taking steps to overcome his depression. Energy and Action Sometimes depression weighs so heavily that the individual struggles even to lift her head from the pillow. An occupational therapist will help an individual identify the roadblocks keeping her from living a fulfilling life, help her replace bad habits with good ones and “prescribe” certain behaviors to help her increase her ability to live a healthier life. In “Elegant Choices, Healthy Choices,” Dr. Martha Sinetar states that if the depressed individual can find the smallest amount of


Group Therapy Helps Ease Depression for Type 2 Diabetics

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Type 2 diabetes, which affects many bodily organs and is often characterized by a lack of energy and depression, is on the rise in many areas of the United States. New research shows that gender-specific group therapy is effective for treating …
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Recalibrating Therapy for Our Wired World

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Digital technology may soon have something for you, too. Depressed patients are characteristically lacking in motivation and pleasure; an app easily could lead patients through the day with chores and activities, like having a therapist in one's pocket …
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Rod Stewart Tried Yoga + Therapy to Get Through Post-Divorce Depression

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Singer Rod Stewart has admitted he was depressed for four months when model wife Rachel Hunter left him in 1998. Hunter claimed she was unhappy and wanted out of their eight-year marriage and Stewart went into an emotional nosedive and tailspin.
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Depression has no age

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Depression can be treated with anti-depressants or alternative therapies like yoga and meditation. "Anti-depressants are not harmful if used under guidance. Yoga and meditation are found to be useful in curing depression. In extreme cases, patients are …
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