Looking for a Drug Treatment Center Atlanta?

Looking for a drug treatment center Atlanta?
If you are in Atlanta, watch this video on a drug treatment center. For mental health and recovery, try our drug treatment center. Our centers specialize in …



Hoffman among thousands of addiction victims
An admitted drug addict who first sought professional help more than two decades ago, Hoffman apparently succumbed to his illness with an overdose despite a return to rehab last March. A father of three with a thriving career, the Oscar winner died … Read more on WGCL Atlanta

Snowjam: Volunteers save injured stray dog despite gridlock
Lori will provide foster care for him during his rehab, and may be able to adopt him. "Angels Among Us Pet Rescue" volunteer Jennifer Naujokas said the group will begin raising money for the rehab. She said Mutt Muffin is facing eight to twelve weeks … Read more on WXIA-TV