Looking for a Drug Rehab Center Around Central Florida for Heroin?

Question by Dyvan: Looking for a drug rehab center around central Florida for heroin?
I have been down a long dark road with my friend and his prescription drug use. We thought it was in the past, that he kicked the habit only to find out he has been shooting Heroin. Being a supported friend and tough love has not worked it is time for rehab. I am hopping someone out there has beat Heroin and can suggest a good rehab center. I don’t think a church based rehab center is a good match he is far from religious. We live in central Florida, but I am willing to travel to get him in a right facility.

Best answer:

Answer by IrishKing
Gulf Coast Recovery
145 108th Avenue
Treasure Island, FL 33706
(941) 745-2067
(813) 901-5794
Toll Free: (800) 610 – 2066

Answer by ME
I’d check out Narconon. They have a high success rate. It is connected to the Church of Scientology but its treatment is secular.

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