Long-Lasting Amelioration of Walking Trajectory in Neglect After Prismatic Adaptation.

Long-lasting amelioration of walking trajectory in neglect after prismatic adaptation.

Front Hum Neurosci. 2013; 7: 382
Rabuffetti M, Folegatti A, Spinazzola L, Ricci R, Ferrarin M, Berti A, Neppi-Modona M

In the present study we explored the effect of prismatic adaptation (PA) applied to the upper right limb on the walking trajectory of a neglect patient with more severe neglect in far than in near space. The patient was asked to bisect a line fixed to the floor by walking across it before and after four sessions of PA distributed over a time frame of 67?days. Gait path was analyzed by means of an optoelectronic motion analysis system. The walking trajectory improved following PA and the result was maintained at follow-up, 15?months after treatment. The improvement was greater for the predicted bisection error (estimated on the basis of the trajectory extrapolated from the first walking step) than for the observed bisection error (measured at line bisection). These results show that PA may act on high level spatial representation of gait trajectory rather than on lower level sensory-motor gait components and suggest that PA may have a long-lasting rehabilitative effect on neglect patients showing a deviated walking trajectory. HubMed – rehab

Flexibility of movement organization in piano performance.

Front Hum Neurosci. 2013; 7: 173
Furuya S, Altenmüller E

Piano performance involves a large repertoire of highly skilled movements. The acquisition of these exceptional skills despite innate neural and biomechanical constraints requires a sophisticated interaction between plasticity of the neural system and organization of a redundant number of degrees of freedom (DOF) in the motor system. Neuroplasticity subserving virtuosity of pianists has been documented in neuroimaging studies investigating effects of long-term piano training on structure and function of the cortical and subcortical regions. By contrast, recent behavioral studies have advanced the understanding of neuromuscular strategies and biomechanical principles behind the movement organization that enables skilled piano performance. Here we review the motor control and biomechanics literature, introducing the importance of describing motor behaviors not only for understanding mechanisms responsible for skillful motor actions in piano playing, but also for advancing diagnosis and rehabilitation of movement disorders caused by extensive piano practice. HubMed – rehab

The Association Between Stroke, Depression, and 5-Year Mortality Among Very Old People.

Stroke. 2013 Jul 23;
Hornsten C, Lövheim H, Gustafson Y

Depression after stroke has been associated with increased mortality, but little is known about this association among very old people.A population-based study among people ?85 years of age was conducted in northern Sweden and Finland, comprising cross-sectional assessments and subsequent survival data. The 452 individuals who had completed the Geriatric Depression Scale-15 assessment were selected. Depression was defined as a score of ?5 on the geriatric depression scale.Of those with a history of stroke, 38 of 88 (43.2%) people were depressed, and 11 of the 38 (28.9%) were treated with antidepressants, compared with 91 of 364 (25.0%) depressed (P=0.001) and 17 of 91 (18.7%) treated with antidepressants among those without stroke. Having a history of stroke and ongoing depression was associated with increased 5-year mortality compared with having only stroke (hazard ratio, 1.90; confidence interval, 1.15-3.13), having only depression (hazard ratio, 1.59; confidence interval, 1.03-2.45), and compared with having neither stroke nor depression (hazard ratio, 2.50; confidence interval, 1.69-3.69). Having only stroke without depression did not increase mortality compared with having neither stroke nor depression.A history of stroke was associated with increased mortality among very old people but only among those who were also depressed. Depression seemed to be underdiagnosed and undertreated. HubMed – rehab

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