LMF LMF & Kreston IOM Team Up to Raise Money for B-EAT Charity

LMF LMF & Kreston IOM team up to raise money for B-EAT charity
B-EAT is an eating disorder charity in the United Kingdom and Isle of Man and its representative on the Isle of Man is the Manx Eating Disorder Support Group, which is affiliated with the B-EAT network. It was founded in November 2011 and is ran by … Read more on isleofman.com

The Next Frontier in the Business of Science: Improving Mental Health
Schizophrenia, Asperger's syndrome, bipolar disorder, clinical depression, addiction and eating disorders are becoming more prevalent among adolescents. The inherent dangers many people with mental health disorders pose to themselves and to others … Read more on Huffington Post

Star shines despite three years of hell
Just a matter of weeks later she had re-admitted herself to an undisclosed treatment centre in Connecticut to seek help for her bipolar II disorder, which can cause dramatic mood swings and depression. Since her recent stint in rehab, she has bounced … Read more on The Sun