Living With Depression Stigma PARODY


Living with Depression Stigma PARODY – This is a parody video I did about living with depression. Depression is a mental illness that affects one fourth of the population. But there is still a sti…


Turn Off The Light: Electric Light Disturbs Natural Sleep Patterns
And the rise in sleep deficiency has also contributed to more serious health problems, like obesity, diabetes, heart disease, depression, and stroke. "The obesity boom has triggered a parallel epidemic of obstructive sleep apnea, which disrupts sleep," … Read more on Medical Daily

Imaginary Squabbles Part 2: Krugman and DeLong on Ireland
I should have recalled that Krugman's End This Depression Now! (181) defines Iceland's heterodoxy … Since oil, grains and metals are priced in dollars, the 2008-2009 devaluation inflated Iceland's cost of production and cost of living. Inflation rose … Read more on Cato Institute (blog)