Light Therapy for Depression?

Question by TPhi: Light therapy for depression?
Has anyone ever used light therapy for depression? Some say it won’t work unless it is seasonal depression, but it looks like the same factors in your brain would be involved either way. I know that there’s specific (expensive) light boxes I can buy, but I’m wondering if going to a tanning bed every 2-3 days might help. I’ve read that tanning beds are not recommended for this, but the medical field would never promote tanning beds anyway because it isn’t good for your skin.
I was just wondering if anyone had any personal experience with either a light box or using a tanning bed for therapy?

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Answer by J K
You should just snap out of it and wake up to yourself. It works you know.

Answer by Ginkgo
Don’t let anyone rob you. Nothing can beat sunlight. It comes from a hundred million miles away to help you. It is resposible for all life on the planet. It makes plants grow which animals eat.

You can sunbathe and it can help anyone. You can even get FREE vitamin D from it. See site below with other natural things that you can do for depression with lots of advice from a psychiatrist.

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