Lewis W. Diguid: Bring Mental Illness Out of the Closet

Lewis W. Diguid: Bring mental illness out of the closet
A number of students on college campuses contend with mental health concerns like stress, anxiety and depression as they cope with financing their educations and making good grades. The woman's question should have been asked when everyone else … Read more on Anchorage Daily News

Kids' Mood, Anxiety, Not Affected by Epilepsy Surgery
Parents often wonder whether their child's personality will change or if he or she will become more depressed or anxious after undergoing resection of the temporal or frontal lobe, the researchers say. Until now, doctors and other experts had little … Read more on Medscape

The 12 Health Risks Of Christmas (And How To Cope With Them)
With all the pressure to be happy this time of year, it's not hard to be depressed. This is especially true if … Psychologist Suzanne Roff-Wexler, PhD, says that though it can be tough to tease apart all your feelings at this time of year, the … Read more on Forbes

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