LDS Blogger Battles Bipolar Disorder by Traveling the Country, Befriending

LDS blogger battles bipolar disorder by traveling the country, befriending
Eventually, the motivation to shower, brush her teeth and eat breakfast left her. … After counseling one night with her parents, bishop and stake president, the group determined Thompson should not go and her stake president effectively released her. Read more on Deseret News

Woman made son sleep in dog food bag
He was only fed peanut butter sandwiches, and he had to eat them on the floor. “It made me feel like a dog,” he said in a statement read by Laramie County assistant … The boy's therapist, Tim Jurkowski, testified the child suffers from several … Read more on Wyoming Tribune

Just Thinking– On a more serious note
One of the areas of my studies in becoming a counselor was child abuse. Abuse to a child can start at any age and extend until that … It can also lead to suicide, self-mutilation, and/or eating disorders. A child is a precious gift, entrusted to … Read more on Clare County Review

University Counseling Center to add staff
A Binghamton University student wrote in an email to Pipe Dream saying that she sought help from the University Counseling Center due to a long-standing history of depression, anxiety and recovery from an eating disorder. “I filled out my paperwork … Read more on Binghamton University Pipe Dream