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Laundry Failure Depression Clinic – Johnny Bino as Dr. Feinstein; Amy Gdala, Susan Steklof and Sam Plumeri as the laundromat patrons.Frontal Lobe & Dumplings is a sketch comedy TV show that airs on cable access in Rochester, NY and the surrounding area. We present this sketch in memory of our dear friend and co-star Sam Plumeri.


PCPs Should Treat Depression, Seniors Say

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And, 23% of those older adults who had received some form of treatment said they wished their doctor would do more to make sure the treatment was working. "Older adults report much less stigma about depression, and much more willingness to talk with …
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Men with fibromyalgia often go undiagnosed, Mayo Clinic study suggests

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The criteria include the hallmarks of fibromyalgia: widespread pain and tenderness, fatigue, feeling unrested after waking, problems with memory or thinking clearly and depression or anxiety, among other symptoms. Of the 830 who responded to the survey …
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