Lately Ive Been Worried About My Weight. My Boyfriend Tells Me Not to Worry About It Because Im No Where Near?

Question by Meg: Lately Ive been worried about my weight. My boyfriend tells me not to worry about it because Im no where near?
Ive been weighing myself everyday. And when I eat less I exercise more. And if I eat more. I exercise twice as much. There are days where I do starve myself. And others I eat only very little. My boyfriend is very worried about me. He says I should eat and not skip meals or eat too little. And I keep telling him I know its only for a little bit. But I can’t stop I don’t know what to do. I see myself in pictures and my mind says “You look so fat in that picture.” And so I start to panic and I tell myself to lose weight, skip meals, exercise more & more do what ever it takes to change the way you look in those pictures. But my boyfriend and my friends told me they are really worried about me. Do I have some kind of eating disorder or a self inflicted disorder or something??

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Answer by horizon

listen to your boyfriend!

Answer by prprpls
I don’t know, does your boyfriend think you do?

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