Lack of Effect of Nitrates on Exercise Stress Test Results in Patients With Microvascular Angina.

Lack of Effect of Nitrates on Exercise Stress Test Results in Patients with Microvascular Angina.

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Cardiovasc Drugs Ther. 2013 Jan 22;
Russo G, Di Franco A, Lamendola P, Tarzia P, Nerla R, Stazi A, Villano A, Sestito A, Lanza GA, Crea F

PURPOSE: To assess the effects of short-acting nitrates on exercise stress test (EST) results and the relation between EST results and coronary blood flow (CBF) response to nitrates in patients with microvascular angina (MVA). METHODS: We completed 2 symptom/sign limited ESTs on 2 separate days, in a random sequence and in pharmacological washout, in 29 MVA patients and in 24 patients with obstructive coronary artery disease (CAD): one EST was performed without any intervention (control EST, C-EST), and the other after sublingual isosorbide dinitrate, 5 mg (nitrate EST, N-EST). CBF response to nitroglycerin (25 ?g) was assessed in the left anterior descending coronary artery by transthoracic Doppler-echocardiography. RESULTS: At C-EST. ST-segment depression ?1 mm (STD) was induced in 26 (90 %) and 23 (96 %) MVA and CAD patients, respectively (p?=?0.42), whereas at N-EST, STD was induced in 25 (86 %) and 14 (56 %) MVA and CAD patients, respectively (p?=?0.01). Time and rate pressure product at 1 mm STD increased during N-EST, compared to C-EST, in CAD patients (475?±?115 vs. 365?±?146 s, p?HubMed – depression


Effectiveness of antiretroviral treatment in Colombia.

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Rev Panam Salud Publica. 2012 Nov; 32(5): 360-7
Machado-Alba JE, Vidal X

To evaluate the effectiveness of antiretroviral therapies and factors associated with HIV/AIDS control in a population of patients treated by the Colombian Social Security Health System (SGSSS).This was a descriptive study of 510 HIV/AIDS patients treated with antiretroviral therapies in 19 cities in Colombia from June 1992-April 2011. Factors assessed from each patient’s clinical history were: viral load, CD4 count, antiretroviral treatment regimens, prescribed daily doses of medications, length of disease evolution, duration of therapy, history of opportunistic diseases, and drug costs.Patients were predominantly male (75.1% males versus 24.9% women), with a mean age of 41.0±11.4 years and an average length of disease progression of 72 months. All recommended treatment regimens were prescribed at the defined daily dose. Treatment was effective in 65.3% of patients (viral load < 50 copies per mL). Non-adherence to treatment, treatment failure, the presence of anxiety or depression, and treatment in the city of Barranquilla were associated with an increased risk of uncontrolled HIV infection. The mean annual cost of drugs per patient was US$ 2 736.Factors associated with uncontrolled HIV infection, especially regarding treatment adherence, must be identified to promote solutions for health care programs treating patients with HIV/AIDS. HubMed – depression


The Pro-inflammatory Cytokine TNF-? Regulates the Activity and Expression of the Serotonin Transporter (SERT) in Astrocytes.

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Neurochem Res. 2013 Jan 22;
Malynn S, Campos-Torres A, Moynagh P, Haase J

Pro-inflammatory cytokines have been implicated in the precipitation of depression and related disorders, and the antidepressant sensitive serotonin transporter (SERT) may be a major target for immune regulation in these disorders. Here, we focus on astrocytes, a major class of immune competent cells in the brain, to examine the effects of pro-longed treatment with tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-?) on SERT activity. We first established that high-affinity serotonin uptake into C6 glioma cells occurs through a SERT-dependent mechanism. Functional SERT expression is also confirmed for primary astrocytes. In both cell types, exposure to TNF-? resulted in a dose- and time-dependent increase in SERT-mediated 5-HT uptake, which was sustained for at least 48 h post-stimulation. Further analysis in primary astrocytes revealed that TNF-? enhanced the transport capacity (V(max)) of SERT-specific 5-HT uptake, suggesting enhanced transporter expression, consistent with our observation of an increase in SERT mRNA levels. We confirmed that in both, primary astrocytes and C6 glioma cells, treatment with TNF-? activates the p38 mitogen-activated protein kinase (MAPK) signaling pathway. Pre-treatment with the p38 MAPK inhibitor SB203580 attenuated the TNF-? mediated stimulation of 5-HT transport in both, C6 glioma and primary astrocytes. In summary, we show that SERT gene expression and activity in astrocytes is subject to regulation by TNF-?, an effect that is at least in part dependent on p38 MAPK activation.
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