Ketamine Treatment and OCD

Ketamine Treatment and OCD
NYC Psychiatrist Dr. Edward Fruitman, M.D. talk about Ketamine treatment for TRD and OCD. A recent study at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine revealed that …



Shedding New Light on Acne: The Effects of Photodynamic Therapy on
The various factors that have enhanced the effects of P. acnes susceptibility to PDT, and the lack of P. acnes resistance to secondary treatment of PDT, lead to more intriguing questions and warrant further in vitro and in vivo experimentation … Read more on Student Pulse

Can PTSD Rapidly Remit?
Some survivors of trauma are resilient and are resistant to any long-lasting negative effects. PTSD, however, creates a chronic … “This is potentially valuable information as it indicates that depression symptomatology in the acute phase may be … Read more on (blog)

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