Ketamine for Treatment-Refractory Depression – Video Interview With James Murrough, MD


Ketamine for Treatment-Refractory Depression – Video Interview with James Murrough, MD


"Depression is so prevalent. About 30 percent of college kids have depression, and 80 percent of those don't get any treatment. The numbers are staggering," Burt told Polygon. "Roughly 10 million young people in the U.S. between 12-25 suffer from … Read more on Polygon

Escitalopram for Head and Neck Cancer Patients Cut Depression in Half
“Compounding this problem, many oncologists are not adept at diagnosing and treating depression or identifying the overlap of signs and symptoms of depression with cancer treatment–related adverse effects.” The PROTECT study was designed to evaluate … Read more on Cancer Network

'How Everyone Became Depressed' — Is It Really Just Nerves?
That's the argument exactly. But this becomes relevant for your audience when we talk about treatments, and the treatments for real depression are in fact quite different from the treatments for nervous disease. 'Nervous disease' sounds so antique that … Read more on WBUR