Judge to Rule Today Whether Utah Doctor Should Stand Trial

Judge to rule today whether Utah doctor should stand trial
Abramson, who is a social worker by trade, testified that von Schwedler did not display any signs of suicide or depression prior to her death. She was not on any medication — aside from something to treat her seasonal asthma — and was never … Read more on Salt Lake Tribune

Food interventions can mitigate depression during pregnancy
When it comes to preventing and treating perinatal depression, a new and more effective approach may be nutritional intervention rather than psychotropic drugs. A study published in the June issue of the Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine suggests … Read more on Yale Daily News (blog)

Brain functions: A sense of self
Northoff says this “breakthrough” has wide-ranging implications that could lead to better treatment options for those suffering from mental illness — specifically schizophrenia and depression — and in the distant future, may make it possible to … Read more on Ottawa Citizen

Looking At and Treating Depression Differently
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