Jackson Boy's First Steps Give Parents Hope in Quest for Cure for

Jackson boy's first steps give parents hope in quest for cure for
In Carter's case, diseased mitochondria have resulted in a loss of motor control and resulted in cognitive impairment, cerebral palsy, seizures and gastro-intestinal disorders. Making people aware of Carter's situation and raising money for research … Read more on The Jackson Citizen Patriot – MLive.com

Florida Health Program Encourages Early Infant Screening
While new moms understand the role prenatal vitamins and healthy eating play in their child's health, many may be unaware of the various disorders that can be prevented by a simple screening once the baby arrives. … with affiliated organizations like … Read more on NorthEscambia.com

*It is HSE's 'desire' to contact all patients today
There is no test for the disease and no known cure — so each of the patients will have to be monitored over their lifetime to detect any possible symptoms. CJD can be passed on by contaminated instruments that haven't been … It is a degenerative … Read more on Irish Independent

Medication is masking the underlying issues
The use of medication to combat concentration and behavioural disorders – research has found that one in five boys suffer from ADHD and the number of girls affected is increasing – often masks the problems of children. … Many students present to … Read more on Brisbane Times

Watch How To Cure Bleeding Gums And Whiten Your Teeth! – How To Treat Bleeding Gums
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