I’ve Been Violated…Real Bad–What About You?

Question by LUCKY3: I’ve Been Violated…Real Bad–What About You?
Someone made $ 15,000 worth of purchases on my credit card in the last 24 hours.

$ 1,500 at apple.com
$ 1 for an itune song.
They even sent four 1-800-flowers bouquets to loved ones.

Misery loves company.
Tell me the last time you were violated.
And if you weren’t…be creative…
LORD Z: I just thought it was funny that they risked an extra trail for a $ 1 itune song.

Here’s more: MyFamilyAncestry, Craigslist, USPS, Sephora, Skype, Old Navy, HotTopic, Trust, PCRichards, CircuitCity, Filene’sBasement, Template-Help, Macys, LetsTalk, NetFlix…etc

Best answer:

Answer by Lighthouse
I have violated others three times – as indicated by my three violation notice emails.

Answer by leslie
someone stole the bex of cookies I just bought.

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