It's Distressing to Know Our Stress Levels Are Going Up.

It's distressing to know our stress levels are going up.
Research suggests that mindfulness practices are useful in the treatment of pain, stress, anxiety, depression, eating disorders and addiction. Mindfulness is nothing … This might not be a foolproof cure for stress but I am going to try it. A very … Read more on Fort Mills Times

A look back at Niagara in 2013 – Part II
The idea for a fund is to address a steady stream of fee break requests eating up wads of time at the Region. • Schoolgirl killer … Niagara families with children with autism spectrum disorders or people with autism disorders themselves can now … Read more on

British doctors start prescribing books to help treat depression, anxiety and
… Depression,” “Mind Over Mood” and “The Feeling Good Handbook” for patients diagnosed with depression, and they're prescribing other books for patients with such conditions as obsessive-compulsive disorder, phobias, anxiety and eating disorders. Read more on Raw Story