It's Been Linked to Suicide – but Acne Drug Roaccutane Is Still Worth Trying

It's been linked to suicide – but acne drug Roaccutane is still worth trying
But despite the cases reported, no scientific studies have been able to prove that Roaccutane causes psychiatric changes, or suicidal thoughts. There are studies that show a link, but studies have not proven that the medicine actually causes the … Read more on Daily Mail

An assessment of the United States
Mental examination and observations: The patient presented with signs of depression. His infrastructure is dilapidated and sorely in need of repair, and there seems to be a lack of concern regarding these matters. … Sadly, it may be necessary to let … Read more on Chicago Tribune

Software Developer Increases National Awareness of Depression in Tech
The first time he presented on the topic was three weeks after losing a friend and co-worker, Caleb Cornman, to an accidental drug overdose that was the result of self-medicating an untreated mental illness. He has now given his talk more than twenty … Read more on (blog)

How Patient Generated Data Changes Healthcare
A main cause of depression re-occurrence is due to a lack of timely follow-ups to monitor medication efficacy, said Jim Walker, principal healthcare informatician at Siemens, which offers its own patient portal called MobileMD. If patients received … Read more on InformationWeek

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