Issues in Criminal Justice And/or Law Enforcement That Has Not Been Studied?

Question by man-man: Issues in Criminal Justice and/or Law enforcement that has not been studied?
I am doing a research proposal for school. I have to write a proposal on some aspect in criminal justice/ law enforcement that has not already been studied numerous times. Meaning I have to be unique and do a paper on something that is new that people can gain new knowledge from. Not information that has already been studied over and over. *This is what I cannot use* For example, I cannot do a paper on ” Child neglection causes depression” “Child abuse is associated with social problems or behavioral problems”. I cannot use those because these have been studied over and over. BUT, you can give me something like child abuse is associated with or causes………….agressive driving(Now child abuse causing someone to drive aggresively seem logical, but I dont believe it and thus I will not research this. But I am quite sure no one has ever studied this issue or concern to see if it may be correct which would make a great topic for me to study, but I am not interested in doing so. This has to be something unique and not previsouly studied tons of times). It can be something that can be tested/researched makes sense but just hasn’t been academically tested/researched. For example, if you say “walking on the ground makes the bottom of your shoes dirty” It makes sense, it happens and walking on the ground seems to be associated with a bottom dirty shoe, but has it been academically shown/tested/researched?This is what I am looking for. Remember it has to be a issue/concern in criminal Justice/ law enforcement. I hope this is clear

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Answer by Asheley
You can do something like the percentage of offenders who end up back in prison or something dealing with the social aspects of criminals as in…what made them realize they should stop crime. I’m sorry but its hard to words. Maybe ab and c typically causes a student to change their majors in school or studies this major. I hope I could help you some. Good luck. I’m in criminal justice classes as well and I’m sure I’ll have to do something like this soon. Let me know how it terms out.

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