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Islam – Way out of Depression 1-2 – William King is a recent revert Muslim and a Caller to ISLAM, he lives in Halifax , NS. Canada and is a integral member of center for islamic center, for more information check out


NFL's new safety net failed to catch Belcher

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Four months after the NFL sought to curb domestic violence in its ranks by launching a crisis hotline, a bolstered mental-health program and fresh encouragement for troubled players to seek help, that fortified safety net could not prevent the murder …
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Dingell Looks Back on Firsthand View of Iconic FDR Speech

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Roosevelt was everybody's hero. He took us through a depression, he took us through a major war and laid the basis for peacetime reconstruction of the world. But he died in April '45, just before the war in Europe ended. Hotline: You joined the Army in …
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