Is Your Child Addicted to Screens?

Is your child addicted to screens?
Not surprisingly, when efforts are made to limit all of that time, kids exhibit symptoms of withdrawal and depression just as strong — if not stronger — than those associated with drugs or alcohol. The International Center for Media & the Public … Read more on Daily Herald

Common Genetic Ground Found for Depression, Schizophrenia, Autism
Without an outlet for that extra energy, children start acting out and getting restless. Dr. Thom Hartmann had an excellent book on this, called "ADD: A Different Perspective." There's been a similar discovery with Depression. Scientists now believe … Read more on TIME (blog)

Father Kills 9-Year-Old Son at Supervised Visitation After Sending Threatening
Yes, it's vital to recognize the signs of depression and get them treated, but who could think anyone would be capable of such a cruel act? This child's poor mother will never see her son again, all because no one thought he could've gone through with it. Read more on The Stir

'I want a hippie baby': Teresa Palmer goes maternity shopping for 'earthy
The 27-year-old was spotted hitting the shops with her mother Paula Sanders in Los Angeles on Tuesday, as she tweeted her desire to dress her coming child in 'hippie baby clothing'. Hippie mama: Teresa Palmer hit the shops one day after announcing her … Read more on Daily Mail