Is This Rehab in CA Actuallyy a Cult?

Question by DarkCuteness: Is this rehab in CA actuallyy a cult?
My sister just went to this free rehab and we just got a letter from her. By the way she’s describing this place, I’m a little worried (she wasn’t saying get be out of here but that this place makes you become a counselor and that she has to fast on thursday and spends 40 hours a week in bible study and that there is no electricity.) Our family is Christian but I’m scared from what I just read about this “rehab”-. The rehab is called Mountain of Mercy. Please, if there are like any articles, on this place or if you know some information, please tell me.

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Answer by pipman23
it’s a cult like the johova’s witness’

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Christian Rehab for Christians in Indianapolis, Indiana – Transformation’s Christian rehab program is seeing a tremendous amount of Christians from the state of Indiana coming to drug and alcohol treatment and Christian rehabilitation. Unsure why so many come from others states to Florida, Transformations is left to assume like most, that it is primarily due to Delray Beach being known as the recovery capital of the nation. Delray is host to hundreds of twelve step meetings and a couple handfuls of really successful drug and alcohol treatment centers such as Transformations. Their Christian rehab programs is seeing incredible success and continues to work with the addicts and alcoholics on a day to day basis in hopes of helping people become free from active substance abuse.


Community Services for March 25

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Free child care offered. Call 256-892-9267 or 256-547-0201. Take Off Pounds Sensibly meetings are: Gadsden Chapter No. 380, 10 am Tuesdays, East Gadsden Community Center, 256-878-6526; Chapter No. 255, 6:30 pm Tuesdays, East Gadsden Community Center, …
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Christian rehab program opens in Shreveport

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Justin Batterton from Louisiana Teen Challenge, a Christian drug and alcohol rehab program, shows Opha Davis the new intake center in Shreveport. / Henrietta Wildsmith/The Times A Christian drug and alcohol rehabilitation program has opened an intake …
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