Is This One Doctor the Reason for All My Problems?

Question by *EK*: is this one doctor the reason for all my problems?
I was obese as a child. My family always called me chubby or fat, and of course it hurt, but it was my family and I knew they loved me no matter what. Plus we were all very close so a little teasing and direct honesty was acceptable to me. I didn’t really take it to heart. One day I went to my pediatrician and he flat out called me fat to my face. He didn’t say I was “obese” or “overweight”, he said I was FAT. As an 11 year old girl, that was traumatizing. He was supposed to be someone who was professional and sympathetic. What he said killed me inside that day. I remember going home and crying for hours. Ever since then, I’m 18 now, I have been very self conscious about my weight. I’ve never had an eating disorder, and I eventually lost weight using a healthy method, but I still feel like the reason I am so self conscious about my weight is because of this doctor calling me fat.

I also had major problems with going to school ever since I started pre school. I simply did not want to go. I later found out (about 6 months ago) it was because I have very severe social phobia. My entire school career was hell due to this social anxiety. I was also diagnosed with generalized anxiety a few months ago. My mom told me one day that this same pediatrician diagnosed me with anxiety when I was in 1st grade, and put me on the medication Paxil. Apparently it gave me some bad side effects (I don’t remember what they were) but he just simply took me off of it and decided I should see the school counselor. I saw her for 2 years but nothing changed. The doctor decided to let it go and that he would take no further action and I should just “live with the anxiety”. I eventually developed depression form not being able to go out on weekends or make any friends in middle school.

So basically, today I am very self conscious about my weight, have severe social, and generalized anxiety (which is getting slightly better since I saw a psychiatrist for my disorder) and still wake up quite depressed some days. I still feel like it is this doctors fault. If he wouldn’t have called me fat, I wouldn’t be so obsessive about my weight. If he would have tried something different or followed through with the treatment of my anxiety, I don’t think I would have that or depression quite as bad as I do now.

What do you think? does this doctor play a huge roll in my problems? or would they have occurred anyway?

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Answer by Falishia
That doctor needs to be sued. That is awful that he did that to you! I had a doctor call me “heavy” and that bothered me, I can only imagine how much worse it would’ve been to be called “fat”…. and to say that to an 11 yr old girl? Oh that makes me so angry!

Yes, I believe that would have a big impact on your self-image and self-esteem.

You can work on your self-esteem by delving into self-help books, videos and websites. Affirmations are helpful to change your subconscious beliefs about yourself. It kind of reprograms you.

If you need some extra help while working on your psychology, you can try Homeopathy to ease your symptoms. Stramonium or Ambra Grisea 30C dose is good for social anxiety and depression. If you go to you can see their remedy finder, and type in exactly how you feel. Follow the directions and check out the remedies the program suggests. Let the little pellets dissolve under your tongue and only use one remedy at a time. Take 3 or 4 pellets at a time. It has helped me a lot to use Homeopathy for my mental health.

As for herbs, St. Johns Wort is good for depression and Valerian helps anxiety.

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