Is This an Eating Disorder OR?

Question by : Is this an eating disorder OR?
did I go through a mild case of “cannabis withdrawal”? if there is such a thing?

I was up @ lake Tahoe for almost a month & ran out. Before that I don’t think I had gone more than a few days w/o toking for years. When lunch or dinnertime would come I wouldn’t be hungry & would have to “force” myself to eat something: usually soup & bread. I was also anxious, unable to sleep well & MORE depressed than usual/ I started using again & have NO problem eating right now. I am sure the “symptoms” might arise again but I PRAY NOT!
If you’re going say “stop smoking” please move on BUT I am curious if this is an eating disorder or if I went through a “withdrawal” if there is such a thing?
I said I was MORe depressed than USUAL without it. I am always depressed b/c life really sucks right now!

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Answer by javarick
I thought that smoking weed makes you hungry. So, I think it is some eating disorder.

Are you sure you are not depressed?

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