Is There Such Thing as “Masturbation Rehab?”?

Question by “The Man of the Hour”: Is there such thing as “Masturbation Rehab?”?
I’ve heard of drug rehab, I’ve heard of alcohol/drinking rehab and I’ve heard of sex rehab as well as depression rehab.

However if someone is addicted to it should they sign up to see Dr. Drew and get help? Why or why not? I know I’ve heard it’s healthy but isn’t to much like not good? lol.

Best answer:

Answer by whateva.dood
I dunno. I’m still alive and ‘pumping’. A complete wacko. In both ways.

Answer by Baby Girl ?’s pit bulls
Nope. That’s stupid. If somebody wants to do it, they have every right to do it. Especially if they know they are never going to have sex again….or maybe not for a really long time.

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