Is There Anything I Can Do to Feel Better and Not Want to Kill Myself?

Question by Huggy: Is there anything I can do to feel better and not want to kill myself?
Is there anything I can do to have my wife come and hold me, to accepty apology and we can cuddle an go beach? I don’t want to die unless I know there is for sure no way she will at least forgive me and give me huggies. I’m her Huggy Bear, you know!:)

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Answer by Alice
why did she leave what did you do how about start us off on some details

Answer by Asphodele
There are plenty of things to get the situation better with your wife.
If you were not honest about something …then be completely honest with her.
Do not justify or make excuses for what ever happen.
take responsibility of your actions and then take responsibility of the action you will take to make it up.
Then LISTEN to what she NEEDS.
if the situation is difficult for her and what you want is for her to forgive. Then you need to focus on her needs and not yours.
She will tell you if she wants you to to something or give her space. and then give her what she wants.
If she is too angry to know what she wants from you. Tell her that you ll give her space and ask her again tomorrow or in a week or whatever seems suitable and that you will ask her again then.
if she needs time to process the situation give her the time she needs. dying before she wrap her head around the situation will only make her feel worse than ever and apparently that is not what you want. you want her happy and forgiving.
Google “depression” “hotline” “meeting groups”in your area and then call immediately or drive there ( if you are capable of driving, if you are not , rest and go when you are able too”.
Talk to your best friend, your mom, your old high school teacher or a stranger. Put words on your situation and try to process it with someone giving you feedback. THeir feedback might not be good but will help you get to your own solution.

There are PLENTY of phone number and crisis center try to reach out to one. I called a crisis center once and they really helped me.
Don t act out of anger or panic or sadness. time does indeed heal everything.

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