Is There Any Way to Relieve Stress of Bipolar on Daily Basis?

Question by Area33: Is there any way to relieve stress of bipolar on daily basis?
Im off my meds bcuz side effects were worse than when off. But now im not controlling myself well after a year. I think i need help again but i dont trust doctors. they hardly answer my questions and just throw pills at me that they get kickbacks from the med makers. Any suggestions? If i go back on meds (inevitably), how do i know who to trust? Im going to lose my job if i dont get myself under control.
ok ok, ill get back on my meds. my current major problem is my anxiety. just thought maybe someone knew ways to calm down aside from them. Lithium has been suggested before from a friend. ill look into that “hey Leese”. thanks

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Answer by sunshine_today
you know you need the meds and you better go get them. what does your perception of kickbacks have to do with keeping your job? Focus on the real issue and don’t get sidetracked.

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