Is There Any Help for Veterans? Still Trying to Work ….?

Question by t0mij03: Is there any help for Veterans? Still trying to work ….?

As a Veteran, What rights do you have as far as disablilities and employment?
If you are a Vet. and you have PST and have been working the same job for 20 years … but now showing signs of anger and depression.
Employer may let you go b/c your personalities clash.

Sounding angry when I am not.
Hard of hearing
health issues (most likely from agent orange)

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Answer by M N
you should contact your local chapter of veterans administration. THey might be able to hook you up with “vocational rehabilitation”, u get monthly stipend, and they pay for university-college.

Also, I worked with a veteran who was homeless. I worked with him for 1 season; unloading Christmas trees. (Dont give me any shit about saying that the story doesnt sound real,) the guy had been discharged from the army in ~~ ’87, and for 21 years his claims @ VA had been denied for tissue damage to his ankle, but 18 yr’s into the process of making complaints, he finally got served, and he said finally they might give him some sort of disability. And they guaranteed that the money would be paid to him w/i like 9-12 mo’s. So yeah…

I hope this is some consolation to you. That guy claimed that the VA WOULD (for him) do backpay all those years, b/c in true, he had actually made the complaint all those years ago. I think for him they’re only doing backpay 5 yr’s / WHATEVER, but it’s not the point. The point is it yields hope when you keep constructively going at this prob.
So keep going ok?

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